About PUNJ

PUNJ is an idea and an effort by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta who is suffering with psoriasis for last 10 years. It originated in 2004 but materialized in 2009 while he went through remission and aggravation of his psoriasis. He experienced the pain of fellow psoriasis sufferers as he moved from one clinic to another seeking cure. A few could not stand and others could not speak, and almost all tried to hide the psoriatic plaque in public. This movement is to reach psoriasis patients in all walks of life and bring them together to help each other with the help of philanthropists, charitable organizations and Government of India. There are societies, NGOs and foundations in India but reach is limited as well as scope is diffused. PUNJ will begin as an institute of charity and grow into a philanthropy organization, and establish itself as a dedicated centre for psoriasis patients.

The PUNJ has following short term and long term objectives:
  • Reach out to psoriasis patients in India through networking and print media in most innovative ways.
  • Find and extend financial support to economically weak psoriasis patients in villages of the country. Help them raise confidence in life.
  • Create awareness about psoriasis in India in order to help both the patients and the family members.
  • Establish a holistic center for psoriasis patients in India which will offer in-patient services to critical sufferers of psoriasis.
  • Conduct research on psoriasis with the help of research institutes in India and abroad.

President: Dr. Vedang Murty
is Asstt. Professor at Radiation Oncology Department, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel.  He is a very compassionate cancer therapist working relentlessly for his patients along with his team. They have together improvised radiation therapy assuring maximum benefits and minimization of side effects to critical patients. He has encouraged the very concept of PUNJ and its establishment through his constructive viewpoints and organizational competence. vedangmurthy@gmail.com

Secretary: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
works as Deputy General Manager –Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited, Navi Mumbai and suffers with psoriasis for last 12 years. He has developed compassion for fellow psoriasis patients and brought all office bearers of PUNJ together to create this platform. He is also a scientist working in the area of cancer and autoimmune diseases diagnostics. Stu703@gmail.com

Joint Secretary: Dr. Arvind Bansal
is Professor & Head, Department of Pharmaceutics at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), SAS Nagar, Mohali, Chandigarh. He has enormous experience in understanding of pharmaceutical formulations and their mode of working on human beings. He shall share this experience to understand all drugs used in psoriasis treatments. Dr. Bansal’s innovative ideas have successfully been converted into usable products by various pharmaceutical companies in India. akbansal@niper.ac.in

Executive Member: Mr. Keshav Chander Thakur
is a lawyer practicing at Supreme Court of India, Delhi and Jammu High Court, J&K. He has enormous experience in trade-mark, patent rights, criminal, civil and other types of cases. He has agreed to extend his expertise towards regulatory compliance of PUNJ. kt_lawfirm@yahoo.co.in

Executive Member: Dr. Taruna Madan Gupta
is Asstt. Director and Head-Innate Immunology Department at National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH-ICMR) at Parel, Mumbai. She has enormous scientific experience in understanding the immunology and pathological mechanisms involving immune system. Her knowledge will be a great help in understanding and coordinating research on psoriasis. taruna_m@hotmail.com

Mr. Sandeep Kripal
is a businessman dealing in laboratory chemicals, medicines and herbs located at Hapur (Panchsheelnagar), UP. He is involved in local social services and shall be working in collaboration with Mr. Pankaj Kansal for taking PUNJ to rural areas. 

PUNJ Advisers

Sri VK Agarwal
is a businessman and social worker from Hapur. He has been on managing committee of various schools and colleges in his area and is founder member of LBSSPS. He has explored various therapies for psoriasis patients and has developed few Ayurvedic formulations at low cost for free distribution. His involvement in PUNJ will help us maintain the movement.

Dr. Uday Kishore
is Director of Centre for Infection, Immunity and Disease Mechanisms at School of Health Sciences and Social Care, Brunel University, West London, UK. He understands immunopathology to a great scientific extent and his involvement in PUNJ will help in increased understanding of scientific research and its translation for effective understanding. He will help in managing PUNJ as an institution. ukishore@hotmail.com

Ms. Vandana Bhansali
is a dedicated social work professional associated with HSBC’s CSR activities. Her understanding of social activities and philanthropy has already helped during establishment phases of PUNJ. She has consented to help PUNJ in all its endeavors.  vandanabhansali@hsbc.co.in