Psoriasis Impact

Physical Impact
  • Lesions of psoriasis anywhere on the body
  • Scaly lesions with falling skin scales
  • Intense itching of lesions
  • Inflammation of lesions causing severe pain during body movements and working
  • Bleeding either due to itching or excessive inflammation
  • Tissue damage

Social Impact
  • Having psoriatic skin lesions, especially on the exposed parts of the body cause intense sense of shame and embarrassment.
  • Shy away from exposing themselves in public places like beaches and swimming pools..Social hesitance in touching the patients and being with patients...Rejection at public places like swimming pools can cause anger, frustration and depression
  • Psoriasis of hands and feet may cause difficulty in performing daily activities.
  • .Alcohol and drug addictions following depression caused by the disease and its psycho-socio-economical impacts can further complicate things

Economic Impact
  • Psoriatic disability may lead to loss of job
  • Non promising jobs
  • No other source of income
  • Continuous and repeated Medication (Rs. 500 to Rs 5000/month to any amount)
  • Continuous hospitalization may be needed for some patients
  • Life threatening levels of disease affecting whole family